Vehicle Patrol

Security Patrol - Vehicle Patrol Services

Our mobile patrol services will dramatically reduce break in, vandalism and other crimes against your property, businesses & staff. We provide security services through effective security patrol to management companies, developers, businesses, industries, community associations and private home owners. private patrols are an affordable and effective means of establishing and ensuring a safer environment for you, your customers and employees.

Patrol Security and Guard’s marked mobile patrol vehicles offer a highly visible and effective way to deter fires, vandalism, theft and others; enforce rules and regulations; and foster a general sense of safety, security, and community. All of our guards are extensively tested, interviewed, background investigated and job profiled, drug tested, and received comprehensive training to ensure that they can provide you with security services of the highest quality.

Mobile vehicle patrols of your campus, business, school, college, facility or warehouse, are done in random patterns, verified by our electronic Detex system which requires our guards to occasionally check-in at designated areas to verify that the patrols are being completed. This lets us to provide you with detailed reports of the times and frequency of patrols for documentation.

The patrol route and designated check-in areas are predetermined by our supervisors who conducts a complete, on-site assessment of your property in order to create a security plan that meets your specific security needs.