Patrol Security and Guard, is committed to providing the best security services so that the residents of your communities are able to sleep more soundly.

Patrol Security and Guard, provides 24 hour monitoring, alarm response, patrol, golf cart, parking enforcement, vandalism prevention services and more.

Our Security Guards will protect your people and property from robberies, fires, and others. Patrol Security and Guard, will work with you to ensure that:
All personnel entering the site are identified and visitor ID’s are issued on mutual agreement with Apartment Complex Management.
Our security guards will maintain a daily log of all incidents and occurrences. They will provide direction and other general information to visitors. They will patrol buildings and grounds on foot or in a vehicle (if provided) and report all irregularities, emergencies, or suspicious activity. They will check and inspect windows, lights, doors, fire extinguishers, and sprinkler and alarm systems.

Security Officers will answer telephones at night, run elevators, control who enters buildings, and check packages of those entering and leaving to prevent theft.
Security Officers will send a runner to investigate If they see any unusual activity.

Our Officer’s Physical Abilities:

• Ability to use hands and fingers, walk, talk, and hear.
• Ability to sit and stand for extended periods (6 to 8 hours) of time.
• Ability to lift 25 pounds.
• Ability to climb stairs in residential properties performing vertical patrols