Our security officers provide a safe secure environment for students, staff and guests on campus/college. They establish and maintain good rapport with students and staff. They help to create and maintain a working relationship with the local authorities. They assist in the development and implementation of action plans to provide safe environment and immediate response to imminent threats of violence, emergency medical incidents, auto accidents and others.

They have the experience to regulate student’s behavior on campus, in cafeterias, restrooms, parking lots and other open areas. They are experienced to assist with controlling classroom disturbances or acts of defiance. Request assistance from school administration and/or local authorities when necessary.

Our security guards will patrol and confront unauthorized persons for questioning and checking for passes and identification cards as needed. They will direct traffic and parking on campus, check vehicles for proper parking authorization and determine if vehicles are parked in restricted areas. They can maintain proper paperwork/reports to ensure all incidents and complaints are filled and shared with the company and campus/college authorities.

They will ensure doors/gates are locked and opened at designated times determined by college authorities. They will supervise and patrol assigned college/campus activities. They will perform other tasks as may be deemed appropriate by the supervisor and/or Superintendent.